Winston-Salem-Lake Bike Ride

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Have you seen AirBnB’s new Trips, Experiences and Places app?

It is really cool!  Now they feature things to do and experience while you are staying.  It’s not the normal routine. It’s local, it’s emersion. It’s really getting to know the city you are in and meet real people.  I can’t wait to try it.  Visit to check it out.

Since AirBnB does not offer these features in Winston Salem yet, we have decided to offer it here and see if we get any inquiries or takers.  Keep reading we’ll try and outline the experience here for you.  And check back because we will be uploading photos and videos as we develop the tour.  Keep in mind we are developing this experience, it can be totally tailored to your riding ability and we can make detours and stops at anytime.

Are your ready?  Hop on your bike and lets go!

Our ride starts in Historic West End.  We take West End Blvd from one end to the other. Along this road you will see some of the most beautiful homes in WS. These homes were built in the late 1800’s to around 1920’s.  Some of the most influential people in Winston’s history had a part in the development of this area and its homes. Like the Reynolds and Hanes Families! (3miles)

Next we head Downtown. We’ll ride down Trade St Arts district then past the RJR building which was the mold for the Empire State Building.  Then we’ll hope on the Greenway which will take us to Old Salem.  Salem was a community which grew along side Winston.  In 1913 they merged the two towns and made Winston Salem.  Old Salem still has many of its original buildings dating back to the 1700’s. We’ll take the main cobble stone road through Old Salem.  You’ll see folks dressed from that era and you[ll smell fresh baked bread along the way.  (3 miles)

After Salem we’ll continue on the greenway until we reach Salem Lake.  This lake is the watershed for WS and is surrounded by a 6 mile loop trail around the lake. Salem lake is a well known fishing and sailing lake by the locals. For the more adventurous riders, there are miles of mountain bike trails back in the woods surrounding the lake. (6 miles)

The ride back can be picked by the group.  We can go back the way we came and see more of Old Salem or downtown or we can choose from several options and see other neighborhoods like West Salem and Ardmore. (6 miles)

This ride is between 18-20 miles and takes about 2-3 hours depending on how adventurous the group is.  We’ll do our best to discuss the route with the group to maximize the fun.

Pictures and videos will be added soon.  Please check back.

If you are interested, use this contact form to get in touch.

If you need a place to stay in Winston Salem, Check out our AirBnB apartment.  It accommodates two and is a perfect place to stay if you would like to try this experience.

We’ve been thinking about offering e-bikes for this ride, would you be interested in this?

Happy Trails

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