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34 Beautiful & Soulful Kitchens

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Years ago the kitchen was the room for preparing the food, it was not a public space but rather strictly functional and hidden from view. Nowadays the kitchen has many other roles. Kitchens are getting larger and encompass cooking, dining and entertaining. The kitchen has become the heart and soul of the home. A place where meals are prepared, families share the day’s events, and friends gather during a party.

2018 has been a fun journey in the world of photography for me.  Here are 34 of my favorites from 2018. These kitchens are from condos, small ranches, historic homes, new construction and everything in between.  I hope you enjoy this slide show and I look forward to taking more photos and capturing amazing kitchens in 2019!

Special thanks to Leonard Ryden Burr, agents and owners for allowing me to take these photos.