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Real Estate Photography – What photos sell my home fast?

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Let’s face facts – real estate photos are one of the BEST marketing tactics to sell a house. Are you thinking a photo is just a photo and anyone can take a photo? The answer is no. Professional real estate photography takes a lot of practice, the right technology, and a well-trained eye. That is why it is important to hire a real estate photographer to help you capture the best photos of your property!

What kinds of photos do I need to sell my home fast?

You might be wondering, if there is more than one type of photo for selling my house? The answer is yes! At Urban Pioneer Photography, we offer the following photography services:

  • MLS Photos
  • 360 Degree Virtual Tours
  • Drone/Aerial Photos
  • Videos & Slideshows

Real Estate Photography Options with Urban Pioneer Photography

MLS Photos

It is crucial to have professionally taken photographs of your home for your MLS. These photos are the first impression many buyers have of your house.  They will consciously or unconsciously affect how a potential buyer proceeds or doesn’t proceed when making the decision to tour your home.  Professional photographers have the knowledge, experience, and equipment necessary to capture your property. They understand how to capture your home’s features in a way that grabs the buyer’s attention and encourages them to want to view the property.

360 Virtual Tour by Matterport

This is the new, and rapidly becoming only, way to showcase your home to potential buyers. It is a great way for people to visualize the space without an in-person tour. In times of COVID and the ongoing pandemic, offering virtual tours is important. Additionally, when a person sees a photo, it is from one angle and is often hard to mentally envision the room. Our 360-degree virtual tours eliminate this problem!

Drone / Aerial Photos

Whether you have a gorgeous yard to show off or a building to showcase, aerial photos conducted by a drone are the way to go. These types of photos provide a unique bird’s eye view of the property that normal photos simply cannot provide. It gives potential buyers a comprehensive look at what might be their dream house.

Video & Slideshows

Finally, you can take standard photos and turn them into a true marketing piece to sell your home. You can achieve this through compiling videos and slideshows. We excel at taking photos to the next level with our videos and slideshows. Like a 360-degree virtual tour, it provides a more in-depth look into your home for potential buyers.